Clean Aire Ducts

Professional Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

The Clean Aire Ducts Method

 A poorly cleaned HVAC system is worse than a dirty system that was never touched.  When an air duct cleaning     company does a poor job of cleaning, dust and debris is stirred up causing more particulates to be blown around the indoor   environment.  We’ve lost count on how many times we’ve been called in to fix a problem created by a company that did not   perform the work properly.

  1. The supply and return air duct systems are separated so that they can be cleaned independently.  This is done by       removing the air filter and installing a specialty piece of cardboard in its place.  This is also done for the A/C coil.

  2. An access hole is cut into the supply air duct (plenum).  A flexible air duct from the Hepa Aire Negitive Air Machine     (Vacuum) inlet is connected to the plenum.  The powerful vacuum creates high velocity air movement within the supply air   duct to transport loosened debris out of the ductwork and into the vacuum.

  3. Each register is sealed with Grill Mask (Plastic Film) then cleaned separately with high compressed air.  All registers are     brushed & air washed with high compressed air (180 Psi).

  4. A special Forward Aire Sweep Assembly with high air compressed air (180 Psi) is guided down each register to push dirt     and debris forward into the main air duct.

  5. The main supply air duct is then cleaned using the Patented Viper Clean Sweep System and/or the Aire-Sweep Power   Brush to dislodge debris accumulated in the air duct. Debris is collected in the Hepa Aire Vacuum Unit.

  6. Once the entire supply air duct system has been cleaned, the entire return air duct system is then cleaned using     the same method.

  7. After the complete supply and return air duct system has been cleaned, all access ports are then sealed with sheet     metal, plastic plugs and tape. 

  •Air Ducts Cleaned Per EPA (  ASHRAE (​  SMACNA (